Premium features as standard

Wolff e-bikes come equipped with adjustable handlebars, an easy-to-use color display, suspension absorbing seatpost, and an integrated battery, as standard features. Most other e-bike companies do not have these as add-on features. With Wolff, you get so much more for your money!

Premium features as standard

Premium LCD color display reduces glare in direct sun.

Integrated back lights are like a car's brake lights, turning on every time you use the brakes.

Integrated battery adds to a clean and aesthetically pleasing look.

Responsive Tektro disc brakes offer consistent and safe stopping power in all weather conditions.

Adjustable stem allows you to easily find your ergonomic fit for the most comfortable ride.

Why Wolff?

Why Wolff?

1. Trusted experience and components.

Wolff e-bikes are backed by our team’s many years of combined experience, and built with high-quality, name brand components to ensure that they perform in every condition and all circumstances.

2. Style, comfort, and performance.

Our e-bike selection is one of the widest on the market with road bikes, cruisers, hybrids, and more. No matter your preferences, skills, abilities or size, we have a quality e-bike to match and maximize your comfort.

3. Quality and affordability.

We’ve hand-picked our name-brand parts and components to maximize performance while keeping costs low. Affordable e-bikes mean that more people can experience the freedom and benefits of cycling without sacrificing quality.