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Save money on gas, a smart way

Save money on gas, a smart way

You Can Avoid the Pain at the Pump!

It’s no secret that gas prices around the world have skyrocketed lately, with some places seeing insanely high prices. The resulting memes and tweets about gas prices would be hilarious if they weren’t masking the real financial hardship that so many people are encountering right now. The high prices are already affecting how people are looking at travel since driving to and from the intended destination can almost end up costing more than the hotel stay¹, making people cancel these trips altogether. In short, it’s not a great situation.

Now, let’s set aside the fact that fueling our travels with petroleum products is terrible for the environment, and that the resource is limited and growing increasingly more scarce (which raises the cost even further) because that’s a discussion for another day and time. What’s most pressing is the question about how to deal with the rising cost of transportation. Sure, you can take the bus if that’s an option where you live, but so many people value their freedom and autonomy, so what should you do?

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You’ve got Options!

The truth of the matter is that electric energy is abundant, renewable, cleaner for the environment, and, when approached properly, is so much more convenient than having to stop at the gas station to fill up.

So, what are your electric options for getting around? Simple. You can either buy an EV, or you can buy an e-bike for your daily needs. While the industry is making amazing strides towards getting quality, long-range EVs into the hands of the mass public, for many people, buying an EV is still a costly and unattainable option for now. But an e-bike? Well, that’s a totally different story!

Even the most expensive, luxury e-bikes will be magnitudes less expensive than any EV could ever dream of being, and more and more people are turning towards buying e-bikes as their daily drivers to combat the gas prices that seem to keep rising regardless of what’s going on in the world².

Having an e-bike as your daily driver for work, groceries, and short trips will 100% reduce your carbon footprint while freeing you from the weekly expense of fueling your gas-powered car.

Benefits of buying an e-bike

“Wait. Are you suggesting that I buy an e-bike to use for travel over long distances too?!” No. That would be crazy. But, having an e-bike as your daily driver for work, groceries, and short trips will 100% reduce your carbon footprint while freeing you from the weekly expense of fueling your gas-powered car with the added bonus of being able to plug in at home to ‘refuel’ for pennies on the dollar since electricity already costs far less than gas. Plus, you get the added benefit of being outdoors and increasing your daily exercise by as much as you choose.

Being outdoors has been scientifically proven to reduce anxiety, increase Vitamin D levels, and improve your sleep, amongst other benefits, so switching to an e-bike for your daily driver actually helps you achieve multiple goals all at the same time!

You can even conceivably cancel your gym membership now that you’re exercising on the way to wherever you decide to go. And for the long trips? Well, one day you can buy that EV, but until then your gas-powered car should do the trick. Just don’t forget to bring your e-bike along to enjoy when you get to your destination!



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